If receipt of an incorrect or faulty item occurs, customers are expected to urgently contact Amy Taylor Collection. The ATC Team will work to resolve to issue by providing an exchange or refund the booking fee once the item is returned back to Head Office.


The rental period is 4 days. Garments must be returned by opening hours on the last day of booking. Period. Customers must instantly notify the ATC Team if there is a delay in returning the item.

Any late returns incur a late fee which is 30% of the original hire price per day after the last day of booking.

Late fees will automatically be charged to the customers credit card details that were provided at the time of booking.

Any garments that are not returned within 12 days after the last booking date are considered NOT RETURNED. Consequently, Amy Taylor Collection will charge the customer’s credit card 100% of the RRP in addition to the rental cost that the user has already paid.


Should you cancel your dress hire due to change of mind or cancellation of event, Amy Taylor Collection will happily refund the rental amount minus a $50 cancellation fee if the cancellation occurred within 48 hours of the booking period. Cancellations must be advised 48 hours prior to the booking start date which is before the item has been collected by the customer or despatched to the customer. Amy Taylor Collection reserves the right to cancel a booking at short notice. Reasons for cancellation may include (but are not limited to) an item not being available due to late return by a previous customer or damage to an item. In the event of a cancellation by Amy Taylor Collection, a full refund will be provided to the customer.


Amy Taylor Collection will take care of all cleaning measures following garment rentals and we utilise professional and reputable dry cleaners that are knowledgeable of our range of fabrics and specific care instructions. By securing payment and booking hire of a garment, customers agree to not clean the dress and follow this policy. If the customer fails to follow this policy which results in permanent damage to the garment, additional damage fee may be a result.


  • By securing payment and booking hire of a garment, customers agree to take satisfactory care of the garment.
  • ATC understands that it is possible that damage may occur.
  • Minor Damage: Damage, Discolouration, Staining is repairable for a cost less than $100
  • Major Damage: Damage, Discolouration, Staining that is repairable for a cost more than $100 and / or beyond repair
  • If damage occurs, it is the customers responsibility to notify the ATC Team in advance. This will make the process of resolving the issue much more efficient and seamless.
  • ATC will assess the garment upon return. If minor damage is found, ATC will not charge customers and will solely resolve the issue. If major damage is found the customer is responsible for the costs involved with the repair or replacement of the garment. The repair or replacement costs will be charged to the customers credit card details that were provided at the time of booking. Customers will be notified of all charges in advance.
  • Should a garment become lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair during a customer’s booking period, the customer will be liable to pay for replacement of the item which can be up to 100% of the RRP as well as the rental cost that has already been paid.
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