A collection exquisite dresses, masterfully designed to be an extension of yourself. Providing confidence through sophistication.

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introducing our black label

Amy Taylor Sydney

What if you could dream while you were awake? That’s the question that inspired our brand new stand alone line, which features robe-like jumpsuits and dresses reminiscent of midsummer nights dream. Women should have the freedom to move through the waking world as if they are at rest.

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About Us

Established Australian designer for over 15 years and known for exquisite backless gowns Amy Taylor is continuing to grow bringing her inspirations to life. Her passion for designing is extensively evolving starting at such a young age Taylor followed her vision of creating gorgeous pieces. With designs inspired by her beachside upbringing, Taylor’s designs and spectacular runway events are always destined to catch your eye.



Amy Taylor is so down to Earth, the most geniune designer I have ever met. She gets involved with her customers and makes them feel good in their skin. I will always come back to Amy Taylor.

Ria S.

The quality of the dresses are beyond compare. Amy Taylor will go above and beyond everyones expectations, and make every experience as personalised as possible.

Nadia D.

Amy styled my Wedding Dress and it was such an amazing experience. Her beautiful gown was greater than I ever imagined and I will cherish it forever.

Sienna K.